Past   Recruiters

  Why Recruit?
Institute Level Projects

Students get an early exposure to industry through a variety of institute level projects in collaboration with companies. These simulate a virtual work environment at the undergraduate level and empower the students to be professionals even at entry- level jobs. Few noteworthy examples are the ingenious 35$ tablet pc testing and development in collaboration with MHRD and the system software “ANURAG” project in collaboration with DRDO and Algo Systems.

Institute Management

These students have had an exciting opportunity to participate in building the institute from scratch. The student has been a core member in organising the whole gamut of activities such as the Counselling Service, Placement Services, mess facilities, Institute festivals, etc. is managed by students under the guidance of faculty members. The student gets an opportunity to acquire managerial skills, gain communication and negotiating skills helps in building their confidence in different field and gain real time exposure.

Summer Internship

Every year students get internship in multinational companies like Goldman Sachs, DE Shaw, Arceisium, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, TVS motors, Mahindra and Mahindra etc. The students get an opportunity to work in latest technologies and gain extensive real time experience of professional world. With the excellence performance of our students in the internships, the graph of the PPOs offered is going upwards. The rate of selection of students in internships have also been increasing every year. The students are getting Job ready to face the corporate world.


Institute has various labs which allow undergraduates to work alone or in groups in developing exciting solutions to problems in the Industry as well as in the Academia. Creativity is sustained and kindled in the students through a large number of competitions organized by students in the spheres of technology, arts and management thereby providing for the holistic development of the individual. This is signified by the Institute level SCHOD (Student Council for Holistic Development), entirely managed by the student community. Hence the research potential of students in the institute grows in acuity, thereby allowing them to reach new zeniths of creativity without any jeopardy to their jobs.


We believe that our students should be able to adapt, adopt and become adept in their technical and life skills to survive in the industry. Hence, the students are trained by highly qualified corporate trainers who focus on both Aptitude and Soft skills. Our students draw their own ‘Aspirations Chart’ so that they can present their Achiever Pattern in their resumes. This includes academic credentials, smart thinking, communication skills, problem solving ability and technical competencies.