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The following are the norms for placements and internships. Please read them carefully. All registered students are expected to follow the below :

Norms for Student Placements and Internships

Following are norms for students to register with Office of Students Placement (OSP), IIT Jodhpur, for participating in the placement and internship activities facilitated by the Institute.

A. Placement

  1. If a Student registers to interview with a company, it is mandatory for the Student to participate in the entire process starting from presentation by the company to the interview.

  2. Inappropriate behaviour is unacceptable by a Student during placement or internship process, which may hamper the Company-Institute relationship and/or institute policies/decorum.

  3. It is mandatory for a Student to follow the dress code laid down by OSP.

  4. It is suggested for a Student to accept an offer made by a company. A Student, who is offered a job by a company, is out of the placement process irrespective of whether the Student accepts the offer or not. However, under special circumstances OSP may allow students placed in a company to apply for offers in a later company.

  5. In case a Student has received a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO), he/she must accept or reject the offer before appearing for the next round of the Interview. Once the student accepts the PPO, he/she is immediately out of the placement process. Only when the student rejects the PPO, then he/she can participate further in the placements.

  6. If a Student has multiple job offers on a single day, he/she should select one and inform the same to OSP within the minimum time period specified by the OSP.

  7. Only the batch of students graduating in summer 2019 are allowed in the 2018-19 placement process.

B. Internships

  1. It is suggested for a Student to accept an internship offer made by a company. A Student, who is offered an internship by a company, is out of the internship process irrespective of whether the Student accepts the internship or not.

  2. As an Intern in a company, a Student is expected to create a positive image about himself and the Institute. Any negative feedback received from the company during a Student’s internship period will be considered seriously.

C. General

  1. Students are expected to maintain integrity during online tests/interviews. Any student found cheating or involved in any other unfair means will be dealt seriously.

  2. Office of Students Placement only assists students in the placement process, and does not take responsibility of placing students.

  3. No Student should contact any official of a company registered with OSP.

  4. A Student should not provide any wrong information to OSP. Also, students are advised only to treat any official communication by OSP via mail, website or portal as correct.


Violation of any of the above norms will lead to debarring the student from the entire placement process. Further, Office of Students Placements reserves the right to inform any violation by a Student to Office of Academics/Office of Students for further disciplinary action.

    I have read the Placement Norms and hereby agree to comply.