Student's SCHOD

An institution which does not allow the growth and overall development of students is retarded. The Students Council for Holistic Development (SCHOD) operates to help students identify their interests and to pursue them. The councils comprising SCHOD are here under:


Media arts & designing council, stands not just as a backbone to SCHOD performing but also assists all other councils. Photography club, video editing club, fine arts club, media screening, animation club & magazine (Jour) constitute the various clubs of MAD, diversified yet integrable.


Writing, awareness, vocals, entertainment. The cultural council of IIT Jodhpur, encouraging new talent & setting up a benchmark among its peers for its quality functioning. The dearest council of students, for its soothing music, inspiring literature, playful and breathtaking dances.


A diamond's value can't be predicted unless it's polished... and blossoming talent can’t be nourished unless it is promoted. The students' council for promotion, relation, occasion and management - PROM, is entitled with the responsibility of organizing fests thereby providing a platform for all the other councils to display their talent.


Nurturing and Understanding Technology and Science encompasses all the technical & scientific clubs viz aeromodelling club, electronics club, robotics club, programming club & plays a vital role in identifying & nurturing our scientific instincts.


Sports, Adventure Glory and Exploration, the sports council of IIT Jodhpur, stands up to the four letters it’s made of, the most successful council, has been a pioneer in setting up the culture of sports in the college which boasts of no less than three Intra sports events Kridansh and a national level Sports fest Varchas. The council has been a source of enthusiasm and support for the students of the institute. The hard work of the council and the sports teams is clearly highlighted by the outstanding performance of IIT Jodhpur in the Inter IIT Sports meet for the past three years. It also organizes adventure trips to various places, which apart from being a great learning experience, makes the life at the college all the more exciting and fun.


The Senate is the sole legislative body of the students, composed of elected representatives from each batch of students. It represents the unique and diverse culture of IIT Jodhpur and is focused on improving the student life. The senate meetings act as a forum for the discussion of various upcoming issues in the institute. It also acts as a feedback system so as to examine the implementation of a policy. Two of the elected representatives are given the responsibilities of Financial convener and Chief election Officer The Convener and the Chief Executive of the Senate is The President of the Student body.