The programme consist of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering when the institute started in 2008 but now a new branch , Systems Science and Engineering has been introduced. The basic coursework comprises of 3 semesters of open courses and then 5 more semesters of electives and compulsory coursework allowing them to complete with 170 credits or around 40-45 courses over the length of 8 semesters. The academic program is multi-disciplinary in nature with courses varying from Astrophysics and Renewable Energy to Humanities and Management which allows students to develop skills and gain knowledge so as to become versatile thinkers who think outside the box. The students are also encouraged to come up with innovative ideas so as to inspire them to do research. This allows students to be as comfortable with a conventional desk job as much as with R&D.


The admission in the Masters programme is given to students in the Centres of excellence namely in ICT, Energy and Systems Science. They are encouraged to do research and take courses on versatile technical areas so as to prepare and inspire them to go for further studies.


The institute currently has over 15 PhD students in just over 3 years of its inception and roughly after a single year of allowing for PhD admissions. The institute encourages interaction among the Graduate and Undergraduate students by clubbing the final year UG courses and the PG courses together thereby implementing a positive feedback chain for imbibing more PhD students in the Education System.