Past   Recruiters

  Placement Procedure

  1. Companies participating in Annual Placement Meet at IIT Jodhpur will be required to register at the Office of Student Placements (OSP) website ( or fill out the JAF (Job Announcement Form) and send a soft copy of the same to the Placement Team.
  2. The OSP will verify the information provided by the company, following which a login ID and a password for the online OSP Portal will be provided to the companies.
  3. Online account will help companies to view the profiles of the students applying for placements in that particular company, upload PPT slides, float common notices etc.
  4. The dates of the Pre Placement Talks (PPT) will be decided with the mutual consent of OSP and the Organisation.
  5. Based on the PPT and profile of the job, students will be asked to apply for the job.
  6. Placement Session starts in the month of October. Early recruitment offers will be entertained based on the students' response for the same.
  7. A suitable date and time slot will be provided to the company based on criteria like:
    1. Student Preference
    2. The Job Profile
    3. Pay Package offered
    4. The growth prospects
  8. The company/organisation is required to furnish the results by the end of the day of recruitment.
  9. According to the placement policy, if a student is selected in a company, he/she will not be allowed to appear for any other company.
  10. For any more information or queries, Student representatives or Assistant Placement Officer should be contacted.