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Centre of Excellence

In spite of over 100 years of technical education in the country, there still exists a lack of expertise and quality research opportunities for students. Consequently a large number of students are compelled to explore shores beyond their own country for higher education. Having perceived a deficiency such as this, IIT Jodhpur has created the Centres of Excellence (CoE) in some of the high potential areas. These centres will cater to the growing needs and potentials of the students involved in higher education by providing them tools, methodologies and support for exciting research opportunities. The institute currently has three CoE’s in Energy, ICT and Systems Science.

Centre of Excellence In Energy

The CoE in energy is indirectly aimed at developing sustainable infrastructure by providing solutions to acute problems in energy security. Jodhpur, the sun-city, being a perfect location for harnessing the renewable forms of energy, is an asset for exploiting these renewable sources to generate power for urban and rural infrastructure. The vision of this CoE aims at developing a 200 acre solar power park, integrating it with local communities using micro and DC smart grids, renewable energy driven main campus and setting up an international centre for solar energy technology.

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Centre of Excellence in Systems Science (SS)

A system can be considered as a collection of entities and their interrelationships gathered together to form a whole greater than the sum of the entities. The interactions are represented by simple rules that describe how the state of an entity in the system is dependent on the state of its neighbours. As per the historical notion, Mathematics has been playing a key role in realizing, describing and dealing with systems in almost every area of science and engineering. The need of new mathematical tools and techniques in systems science is a challenging task. Further, due to the emergence of systems movement in some areas of engineering and management, for example, designing engineering systems of rapidly increasing complexity and decision making in complex organizations, it becomes more important to think in terms of systems. Systems engineering and systems analysis become integral in determining the evolution of systems movement, and Mathematics plays an important role in critically analyzing and understanding the same.

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