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  Chairman's Message

   IIT Jodhpur promotes technological innovation and ensures to prepare competent technology graduates who are well equipped to handle the challenges of the nation in the 21st century. IIT Jodhpur’s curriculum is designed to provide students a unique blend of strong technical knowledge, personality development skills and leadership qualities so that they evolve as complete well-rounded individuals. We have revamped our Placement section to Student Career Development Center (SCDC) with the objective to make every IITJ student a career oriented individual not a job oriented person. With this new initiative SCDC ensures an encouraging atmosphere for students by providing them ample opportunities to build competencies in sync with dream careers through various career development activities. We are providing several services and resources that assist students in their ongoing effort of competence mapping, career planning and employer searching. The prime goal of SCDC is to encourage students to adhere to positive attitude, discipline and perseverance and to prepare them for their future in a best possible way.

    I would like to sum up by thanking our prestigious recruiters who have been the major reason for our constant growth and also cordially invite you all in our brand new campus with latest state-of-the-art facilities for the upcoming placement season 2018-19. We also encourage companies to share their requirements in different facets of industrial problems and engage in the mutual exploration of opportunities with regard to association with academic experts in cutting-edge projects, internship deals, etc. I am hoping that this interaction will lead to a fruitful and long lasting relationship with the companies which eventually will translate into the betterment of student community at IIT Jodhpur.

   Thank You!!

Prof. Sandip Murarka
Office of Student Placements
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur