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 AIPC Guidelines

Important Guidelines by the AIPC (All IIT's Placement Committee) to the Recruiters

In order to have a mutual benefit and to have a long term association, the AIPC has indicated the following guidelines to the recruiters. All the recruiters are requested to run through these to have a smooth placement process.

  1. PPOs: Since the process for the final placements starts in the month of September, in order to have mutual benefit, the status of the PPOs may be informed by mid-September. This is for students selected for intern through on campus internship hiring process by the recruiters and after successful completion of the internship.

  2. Key information on the offers made: If a company makes offers during December placement session, the following key information may be provided along with the offer letter
    • The details on the salary structure (take to home) based on the CTC criteria
    • Joining location
    • Date of Joining
    • The offer letters may be provided by the end of March every year so that the candidate can better prepare to join the company.

  3. Direct offers: In case of direct offers to the student, a copy is sent to the concerned Placement/CDC/CCD office.

  4. Deviated offer date: In case of any deviations or not being able to send the offers by the end of March, suitable information with relevant reason may be informed to the concerned Placement/CDC/CCD Office.

  5. Students with backlogs: If a company does not accept students with arrears/backlogs, it would help to avoid complications if the same is intimated in advance (at the time of registration).

  6. Requirement on bond: If the policy of a company requires signing a bond as part of the joining, it would be better to specify clearly at the time of registration (on the registration portal).

  7. Time durations: The maximum time for any pre-assessment test (online or off-line) is 90 minutes. Under certain exceptional cases another 30 minutes may be considered. Since, the deadlines during the final placements are very close with a sequence of companies scheduled, the process will remain smooth if a company completes the personal interview process within 6 hours during December hiring. It is also decided that the time per personal interview per candidate per company should not be more than 60 minutes.

  8. Major deviations: In case of deferred joining date, change in the package and/or profile and withdrawing offers, the same is to be intimated to the concerned Placement/CDC/CCD Office while indicating suitable justification for such a decision. This may be intimated to Placement/CDC/CCD Office before informing the candidate.

  9. Representation during the Pre-assessment tests: In order to have mutual benefit, it would be better that at least one representative from the company is present on the campus during the pre-assessment tests that are being conducted before 1st December.

  10. Medical tests and Visa: Regarding medical tests and visa delay issues, it will be beneficial that the recruiter informs students in advance through Placement/CDC/CCD office. Also any compensation for the extreme delay should be indicated to the candidates and beyond certain time period (say two-three months) if there is any compensation, it should be mentioned.